COVID-19-Related Policies

The following policies have been developed by Johns Hopkins University in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the interest of ensuring the health and safety the university’s faculty, staff, students, and surrounding communities.

Mandatory flu vaccine policy

Updated Nov. 19, 2020

All JHU affiliates who will be performing on-campus duties or activities must receive an influenza vaccination for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, or receive an exception to the requirement. This policy also applies to contractors, vendors, and volunteers, regardless of employer, who perform work on any Johns Hopkins property.

This policy is intended to maximize vaccination rates against influenza among Johns Hopkins students and employees, to protect against influenza infection, and to help the university manage COVID-19.


Help us protect each other

Illustration of person wearing a face mask

Cover your face

Always wear a mask on campus

Illustration of person washing hands

Wash your hands

Wash or sanitize hands often and don't touch your face

Illustration of two people six feet apart

Distance yourself

Keep six feet between you and others

Illustration of a digital thermometer

If you have symptoms

Self-isolate and call 833-546-7546 right away