Students, staff, faculty, and trainees are strongly encouraged to use Johns Hopkins resources when symptomatic or concerned about exposure to COVID-19. All affiliates are eligible to call the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Call Center (JHCCC) at 443-287-8500. Callers will be asked a series of questions regarding their symptoms and possible exposure to others who have COVID-19. 

An appointment for a COVID-19 test will be arranged for affiliates who meet the criteria set by Johns Hopkins Infection Control. The criteria for testing are updated on a regular basis, and the most current criteria will be used when there is an assessment over the phone. Individuals who test positive will be contacted by a health care worker to provide guidance regarding self-isolation, monitoring of symptoms, and general health advice. 

All affiliates who plan to come to campus are required to use the Prodensity app.

Asymptomatic Testing for Undergrads

As of July 1, the following testing rules apply: 

  • Once-weekly COVID testing will be required for vaccinated, residential undergraduates. Proof of vaccination can be submitted to the Vaccine Management System.
  • There is no asymptomatic testing requirement for vaccinated non-residential undergraduates
  • Twice-weekly testing will be required for all unvaccinated faculty, students, and staff (with the exception of School of Medicine affiliates, who will follow Johns Hopkins Medicine’s once-weekly testing policy)

Vaccination records of students who obtained a COVID vaccine within the Johns Hopkins Medicine system are automatically submitted and there is no action required. Beginning July 1, these students can observe the testing guidance outlined above, and the new protocols will be synced within the Prodensity app. 

Asymptomatic Testing for Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, Trainees, and Post-Docs

  • Vaccinated faculty, staff, graduate students, trainees, and postdoctoral fellows will not be required to test on a weekly basis in Fall 2021. Proof of vaccination can be submitted to the Vaccine Management System
  • Twice-weekly testing will be required for all unvaccinated faculty, students, and staff (with the exception of School of Medicine affiliates, who will follow Johns Hopkins Medicine’s once-weekly testing policy)
  • Optional testing will remain available for all Johns Hopkins affiliates

Vaccination records of affiliates who obtained a COVID vaccine within the Johns Hopkins Medicine system are automatically submitted and there is no action required. Beginning July 1, these affiliates can observe the testing guidance outlined above, and the new protocols will be synced within the Prodensity app. (Note: This applies only to JHM-sponsored vaccine clinics, in which affiliates provided consent for their records to be shared between JHM and their employer, JHU. This would not be true for those vaccinated at a Johns Hopkins physician’s office.) 

Testing operations

Testing is available at nine JHU asymptomatic COVID testing sites. Affiliates must come to one of these locations to provide their specimens for mandatory or voluntary testing. All of the specimen analyses will be conducted by a laboratory that is located within the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and all results will be posted to the hospital’s Epic medical record system. 

If students test positive, the results will be reported to the respective schools’ student affairs representatives in light of the public health risks and the university’s educational interests. Students who test positive must secure clearance for return to class/campus from their respective Student Health Center prior to return. 

If employees test positive, their supervisors will be notified that they are off duty. Employees must secure clearance to return to work from Occupational Health prior to returning to campus. 

All affiliates are required to stay at home while they are sick or experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, unless otherwise directed by the JHCCC. 


  • Undergraduates who test positive through the JHU testing program will be promptly alerted, and the Student Health and Wellness Center, COVID-19 case managers, housing/residential life, and transportation will be alerted
  • Residential undergraduates who test positive are required to move to isolation housing until they are cleared to resume on-campus activities
  • Off-campus undergraduates who test positive will be offered isolation housing based on need, as recommended by the Student Health and Wellness Center, and will not be permitted to resume on-campus activities until they are cleared 
  • Non-residential graduate students who test positive will be offered isolation housing as recommended by Student Health and Wellness Center or University Health Services on a case-by-case basis, dependent on the combination of need and availability

Investigation, Contact Analysis, and Notification (ICAN)

JHU affiliates who test positive will be asked a series of questions about contact with other JH affiliates as part of our investigation and contact notification process, to help determine if others may have been exposed in the workplace/learning environment. Affiliates who may have had meaningful exposure to a COVID-19-positive affiliate will be notified, without being told the identity of the COVID-19-positive person. Non-compliance information gleaned through contact investigations will not be shared with anyone for the purposes of discipline (e.g., student conduct).

Anyone who is identified as having been exposed will be directed to self-quarantine for a period determined by the date of the potential contact and exposure. If you are not contacted by the JHCCC, that means that the JHCCC has determined that no meaningful contact with or exposure to a COVID-19-positive student or employee has taken place.

Undergraduates who are in quarantine will be tested upon entry of quarantine and retested seven days after the date of exposure (or consistent with public health guidance). Graduate students, faculty, and staff who were exposed in the work setting/on-campus will be tested upon entry of quarantine, while remaining consistent with public health guidance . Regardless of whether they test negative, they will be required to complete the required quarantine period, based on the CDC’s latest guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prodensity and who needs to use it?

Faculty, staff (including bargaining unit staff), and students who come to campus to work, study, or for any other reason are required to complete a daily health check on the Prodensity mobile app or website.

A short questionnaire asks specific questions to assess whether a user has COVID-19 symptoms and/or risk of exposure to COVID-19. Answers yield a campus pass, which, along with testing and vaccine compliance, can be used to grant or deny access to campus and other university resources, including Wi-Fi and J-Cards. The campus pass expires after 12 hours. You may not report to campus unless you have a green campus pass.

You may opt to receive Prodensity reminder emails through your myJH Profile. Affiliates identified as on-campus without a green pass may be automatically enrolled in reminder emails.

Last updated: June 25, 2021 9:50am

Why can’t I download the Prodensity app?

If you are an international affiliate, your app settings may need to be changed, because Prodensity is only available on the US-based app stores for Apple and Google. Apple users should follow the instructions at this link to create a US-based account.

Google users should following the instructions at this link.

Last updated: June 22, 2021 3:06pm

Do I still need to use Prodensity once I have uploaded proof of vaccination or received an exception?

Yes. All students, employees, and contractors who are on-campus must complete a daily health check using Prodensity. If you are 100% remote or online, you should change your status to indicate you will not be coming on campus using Prodensity. For more information, read a Prodensity tutorial on how to ensure your status is up-to-date.

Last updated: July 5, 2021 6:59am

How do I complete my daily health check if I do not have a smart phone?

Go to and scroll down to the blue box labeled “Complete Health Check” in the “Take the COVID Health Check” section of the site, midway down the page.

Last updated: July 21, 2021 1:37pm

I’m concerned that I will be falsely reported for being out of compliance with the Prodensity daily health check if the JHU network detects I’ve connected to Wi-Fi when I am close to campus but not on campus. What is being done to address this?

JHU affiliates will only be identified as “on campus” if their Wi-Fi is detected for over an hour at two different on-campus access points. Additionally, it is strongly recommended that affiliates do not leave Wi-Fi enabled devices in office locations overnight. 

Last updated: June 22, 2021 3:05pm

Where is testing available and what are the hours of operation?

The university has established six campus locations across JHU for mandatory or voluntary testing. Detailed testing site information and hours of operation can be found on the Testing Locations + Schedules page on this website. 

Last updated: June 25, 2021 9:29am

If I plan to live outside of Baltimore, do I need to participate in any of the JHU testing protocols?


Last updated: June 22, 2021 3:04pm