The fall 2022 semester has seen a return to the most normal operations we have experienced since the beginning of the pandemic. Based on the low prevalence of COVID in our community and our experience in managing the pandemic—and also your diligence in following best practices to prevent the virus’s spread—we believe we can safely continue to loosen our public health restrictions.

At this time: 

  • Johns Hopkins has closed its asymptomatic testing sites and transitioned to symptomatic testing for students. Employees should contact their medical provider for symptomatic testing. Home test kits and masks are readily available. More information
  • If you test positive through JHU testing, you will be contacted with next steps. Students who test positive at home should complete this online form; employees who test positive at home should call the JHCCC at 443-287-8500 or complete this online form.
  • Masking is optional in all campus, classroom, and work-related spaces; individuals may choose to continue masking, and we will continue to provide free, high-quality masks. More information
  • COVID-19 vaccination and booster shots are required for all affiliates working or studying in the U.S., with the exception of those affiliated with the School of Medicine. More information
  • Food service is permitted at all events, both indoor and outdoor, and all capacity limits and permission requirements have been lifted. More information

Community feedback

Your feedback is important to us—we hope to hear from you and to answer any questions you may have via the feedback form on this website and via periodic town hall discussions. You can share comments and suggestions about the resumption of on-campus activities at anytime.

Vial of Moderna COVID-19 with needle and vaccination record card
Vaccination Information

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Health + Safety

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