JHU Homewood COVID-19 Surveillance Study

Johns Hopkins University is continuing to monitor the prevalence of COVID-19 at the Homewood campus in a scientific study.

Study participants include students, faculty, and staff who spend time on the Homewood campus. Each participant is asked to:

  1. Complete an initial survey
  2. Report any symptoms daily on the Prodensity app
  3. Report to saliva testing centers twice weekly to submit COVID-19 self-tests
  4. Report to Glass Pavilion once each week to complete an antibody test (using a saliva sample)

The study began the week of Sept. 14 and will continue throughout the 2020-21 academic year. This study is led by Lauren Sauer, Principal Investigator (IRB00259926).

More study participants are being sought for the spring semester; to participate, fill out a short information form. If you choose to participate, all of the tests are free, and you will receive $50 in gift cards each semester as compensation. You will know your test results quickly, and if you test positive at any point, you will be guided into campus health support, perhaps before any symptoms appear.

Finally, and most importantly, your participation will contribute to JHU operational decisions, which will help keep our community safe. We hope you will consider joining the study. Your participation in this study is voluntary and your job and/or student status will not be jeopardized if you decide not to participate.

More information about the study is contained in the participation consent form. If you have additional questions, please contact COVID19study@jhu.edu.