The Return to Campus and Facilities & HSE workgroups of the JHU 2020 Planning task force shared the following final report on June 12. Comments and questions can be shared via the JHU 2020 Planning feedback form.


Johns Hopkins University is engaged in an intensive planning effort aimed at resuming on-campus activities to the greatest extent possible, as quickly as is prudent, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This Return to Campus Guide contains recommended health and safety protocols to put in place when the university begins its gradual, multiphase resumption of on-campus activities. It is intended to apply to all members of our university community—Johns Hopkins affiliates (faculty, staff, students, post-doctoral fellows, and trainees), as well as contractors, vendors, visitors and guests—while on campus or in university facilities. We anticipate that these guidelines will evolve as the changing severity of the pandemic and our ability to respond to it allow us to move through the phases of our return-to-campus framework, subject to state and local regulations and our own public health assessment. The guidelines will be updated with community input in later phases of our response as we are able to increase the density and level of activity on campus.

These guidelines are based on detailed recommendations and analysis from the Return to Campus workgroup, led by Heidi Conway, vice president for human resources, and Andrew Douglas, vice provost for faculty affairs, and the Facilities & HSE workgroup, led by Bob McLean, vice president for facilities and real estate. They also reflect valuable input from the Student Advisory Group, review by faculty experts in the Center for Health Security at the Bloomberg School of Public Health, and feedback from the many faculty, staff, and students who have participated in virtual town halls or submitted comments and questions about the planning process.

The initial resumption of on-campus activities under these guidelines does not mean a return to business as usual:

  • Once the university decides to begin its gradual resumption of on-campus activities, they will be limited to those that require a person to be present. Any and all activities that can be accomplished at home via telework should continue to be done at home until further notice, and people should only be on campus for the time periods necessary to accomplish required on-campus activities.
  • Among other changes, face coverings will be mandatory on campus except in very limited circumstances, cleaning procedures will be greatly augmented, and physical distancing will remain the rule.
  • Central to these guidelines is an understanding that some members of our community face a greater risk from COVID-19 than others, and we have set forth the mechanisms that are available for faculty, staff, and students to seek accommodations or adjustments as warranted by their individual circumstances.

This Return to Campus Guide will be updated. The guidelines will be revised based upon state and local regulations, public health guidance, and community input. University working groups focused on research, academic programs, student life, and other aspects of health and safety will provide details about how the issues presented in this document apply in specific contexts. Ultimately, each school, department, and program will develop local plans and protocols for carrying out our research, educational, and support activities going forward.

Your feedback and input are important throughout this process. We hope you will join the weekly town halls being held throughout this planning process, or share your comments through our online form.

Town hall on returning to campus

May 29, 2020

This session focused on preparing operational and safety protocols for activities in Phase 1, which largely involves a return to some on-campus research activities.


Help us protect each other

Illustration of person wearing a face mask

Cover your face

Always wear a mask on campus

Illustration of person washing hands

Wash your hands

Wash or sanitize hands often and don't touch your face

Illustration of two people six feet apart

Distance yourself

Keep six feet between you and others

Illustration of a digital thermometer

If you have symptoms

Self-isolate and call 833-546-7546 right away