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March 26, 2021

Dear Students,

We anticipate that you may have some questions about who to go to for academic support as we hit the mid-semester mark. We’ve compiled multiple resources into this message to at least give you a starting point. As always, your assigned academic advisors are available to you too.


Alanna Shanahan
Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Jessie Martin
Assistant Dean for Academic Advising, KSAS

Janet Weise
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs, WSE

Important Takeaways

  • Academic advisors are continuing to meet with students and hold drop-in hours via Zoom.
  • Academic support programs—including Study Consulting, the Learning Den, and the Writing Center—offer a range of free and specialized services.
  • Faculty office hours and TA sessions are still available and highly recommended.
  • Several key deadlines, including the last day to withdraw from a course, are fast approaching.


Academic Advising/Advising Drop-In Hours

All students are required to meet with their primary advisor at least once each fall and spring semester. This is a great time to talk about academic plans and available resources. It’s also a great time to talk about your current classes and current challenges. Be sure to let your academic advisor know if you have any concerns about your current academic progress.

KSAS Student Advising

Click here to make an appointment with your assigned academic advisor or connect to drop-in advising hours which are available Monday–Friday 11 a.m.–3 p.m.

WSE Student Advising

Please visit the WSE Academic Advising Blackboard site to see our drop-in hours. Check the link “Advising Team Contacts” for information about how to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. Mandatory faculty advising appointments are held each April and November. Students should be hearing from their major departments within the next couple of weeks about scheduling appointments for fall 2021 registration.

Study Consulting

Did you know there is a service to help you strengthen your academic skills, adjust to the increased demands of college, and fulfill your potential? The Study Consulting program is free for full-time undergraduate students. In short, you will be paired with an accomplished junior, senior, or graduate student who will serve as a consultant. You will meet one hour each week and work on a variety of academic skills such as: time management, organization, note taking, writing papers, heavy reading loads, test anxiety, test preparation, etc. Learn more about Study Consulting and sign up.

Learning Den

The Learning Den offers three free programs for students in the Krieger School or Arts and Sciences and Whiting School of Engineering. These programs are drop-in group tutoring that focus on specific courses, help rooms to support specific departments, and personalized tutoring. Learn more.

Writing Center

Need assistance with writing? Experienced tutors are trained to consult on written work in the humanities and social sciences. This is a free service for students. Learn more or sign up for support.

Faculty Office Hours

Faculty offer office hours to be available to students. These time blocks can be for you to pop in to ask questions or for conversation. Sometimes students worry that their question isn’t important enough to go see a faculty member during office hours. We are here to tell you, faculty enjoy the opportunity to talk with students, so you don’t even have go with a question. You can visit a faculty member during office hours to learn more about their research, where they pursued their degrees, or other topics of interest. Additionally, if you are struggling to understand a concept presented in class, office hours are a great opportunity to seek better clarity. Check your course syllabi to find out when your professors are having office hours and take advantage of the opportunity to speak one on one with your faculty member.

TA Sessions

Your course teaching assistant is an important resource for your academic success. It is important that you attend your scheduled TA sessions even if they are not required.  Additionally, your TA is a great resource for you to learn more about an assignment, understand a grade on an assignment, or to assist in clarifying course content. Check your course syllabi to learn how to connect with your TA when you need help.

Important Academic Deadlines

April 16 – Last day to withdraw from a course

April 16 – Last Day to adjust IAW credits

April 29 – Last day to take Medical or Emergency Leave

May 19 – Last day to change grade from S**/U** to Letter Grade (May graduation candidates only)

June 3 – Last day to change grade from S**/U** to Letter Grade (all other undergraduate students)

Student Outreach and Support

COVID and remote learning continue to impact students in a variety of ways. Academic challenges, interpersonal concerns, mental health and physical health issues, as well as financial concerns are all things students are experiencing during these challenging times. Student Outreach & Support is a staff of Case Managers here to help support and navigate these challenges with students. Whether it’s connecting you to resources here on-campus, in the Baltimore community or helping you to navigate resources in your hometown. For students experiencing health or interpersonal issues that may be impacting their ability to successfully complete spring semester, the SOS team also manages the Medical Leave and Emergency Leave of absence processes. The last day to take a leave is the last day of classes (April 29th). As you continue to navigate spring semester, feel free to reach out and let us know how we can help.

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