Carey Business School faculty and staff: Teaching Plans for Fall Semester

July 28, 2020

Dear Faculty and Staff, 

This evening, we will be notifying our students of our teaching plans for the fall 2020 semester (Fall I and Fall II terms).  

Our first priority is ensuring the utmost safety of our students, faculty, and staff. With continued uncertainty surrounding potential local health restrictions, as well as U.S. immigration policy and other travel restrictions, we have made the decision to move all of our in-person courses for the fall semester (Fall I and Fall II terms) to a remote-live synchronous (remote-live) format. Foundations Week/Orientation activities will also be delivered as remote-live sessions. 

Our decision was based in part on faculty feedback regarding concerns for health protocols and ability to deliver an excellent hybrid learning experience, as well as feedback from students. While many students expressed their preference for in-person instruction in the fall, a much larger number indicated they would be unable to attend in-person or wanted to study remotely. Additionally, we consulted with leading health experts from across Johns Hopkins University to inform our decision. 

With your help, we are taking every measure to ensure that our remote-live courses create a rich and rewarding learning experience for our students. We have invested in new “classroom studio” technology so that faculty can adapt their courses and lesson plans to provide the best educational experience possible, as they demonstrated earlier this spring and summer.  

Please note: 

  • All in-person co-curricular activities will move to a remote-live format 
  • Remote-live implies synchronous 
  • Online implies traditional asynchronous with mix of synchronous, i.e., Wiley courses 
  • Students will have additional co-curricular opportunities to enrich their learning experience. 

Here is a quick breakdown of our teaching format: 

  • All Full-Time MS Programs—all in-person courses move to remote-live. 
  • All Part-Time (MS/Flex MBA) Programs—continue with online learning; convert any existing in-person courses or in-person residencies to remote-live. 
  • All Dual Degrees—all existing in-person courses move to remote-live. Students may also choose to enroll in traditional online courses. Convert in-person residencies to remote-live. 
  • All Second Degrees—all existing in-person courses move to remote-live. Students may defer to start in spring or fall 2021.  
  • Returning 2nd-Year GMBAs—all existing in-person courses moved to remote-live; online electives will continue online. 
  • All Incoming Full-Time MBAs (ALI/HTI)—all in-person courses moved to remote-live.  

If you have questions, please contact Vice Dean Frick or Vice Dean Suslow. 


Kevin Frick 
Professor and Vice Dean for Education 

Valerie Suslow  
Professor and Vice Dean for Faculty and Research