Housing update: Move-out process

May 12, 2020

Dear Residents,

We hope you have been able to stay safe and healthy during these trying times. Your continued patience and understanding as we have worked through this unprecedented time is greatly appreciated.

We have gained approval by the State and University leadership to begin the Spring 2020 move out process allowing you to schedule an appointment to return to campus to retrieve your belongings beginning on May 18. Move out will occur between May 18 and June 19, with the end date varying by building.  While the residence halls remain closed, we have designed a move out process that adheres to public health guidance.

You are under no obligation to return to pack and retrieve your belongings at this time. If returning to campus poses challenges for you given various circumstances (e.g., state travel restrictions, financial hardships, health concerns), we will work with you to have professional movers, under the supervision of university staff, pack and store your belongings in a secure university facility. Please contact housing@jhu.edu if you need to utilize this option.

For those of you who are able to return to campus to retrieve your belongings, below is some important information about how we will manage the process. We remain committed to a healthy and safe process that adheres to public health guidance for physical distancing and cleaning protocols. Move out will be a highly coordinated effort, and we need your commitment to adhere to our process.  Resident move out will be by appointment with the first appointments available on May 18, 2020. Some of the steps necessary to ensure a safe and healthy process include:

  • Access to residence halls will be strictly managed through the student’s appointment time by turning on/off their key access only during the appointment window.
  • All involved in the move out process will be required to wear masks during move out (providing own masks).
  • Custodial staff will continually clean common areas and high touch areas
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be at the main entrance of each residence hall, elevator lobby locations, as well as other high traffic areas.
  • Students and only one guest may arrive at their appointment time, empty their rooms, and drop their key envelope in a secured location.  A QR code will be provided via email and on fliers around the residence halls to allow students to complete the express check-out.
  • Staff will be available via phone and email with signage and earlier email notifications sharing contact information.
  • Key envelopes and instructions for move out will be located at the security desks in all buildings. Key envelope drop locations will be in AMR II, Wolman, & Charles Commons.
  • A limited number of moving bins and moving boxes will be available to students. Bins will be centrally located at Wolman, AMR II, & Charles Commons.  Students will be required to return bins when their move out is complete.  Custodial staff will continuously wipe down the bins.
  • Signs will be placed on the floors to show students how far they can be from the staff member at the security stations.
  • Instructions will be posted to limit the number of people in the elevator at any one time.

Click here to schedule your appointment time. Once you make your appointment, you will receive a confirmation. Unless you have a confirmed appointment, we cannot allow you in the residence halls.

All residential students should make plans to either participate in the in-person move out process or contact us to arrange for packing and storing of your belongings. Again, all residence halls are still closed and you may not stay overnight in the halls unless you have previously been granted an exception to remain in the residence halls. If we do not hear from you by June 1, we will make arrangements to have your belongings packed and stored in a secure university facility until a mutually agreed upon date and plan for you to retrieve them.

Again, we thank you for your patience during this unprecedented time.  If you have additional questions, please contact us at housing@jhu.edu.


Sarah Mansfield
Director of Housing Operations

Roger Becks
Executive Director, Student Auxiliary Services