In-person events

April 1, 2021

Dear Students,

As we come to the end of spring semester, Student Leadership and Involvement is still working hard to ensure that some in-person activities for student organizations can take place. While SLI will still encourage most events and meetings to take place online, we want you to be prepared to host and/or attend limited in-person events for your organizations.

Below you will find more details on our RSO (Registered Student Organization) event management protocols. Please review this information and reach out to Student Leadership and Involvement with any questions.


Smita Ruzicka
Dean of Student Life

Calvin Smith
Director of Student Leadership and Involvement

Important Takeaways

  • Events that can be feasibly transitioned to an online format will be encouraged to do so as physical space is limited.
  • All in-person RSO events must be kept to 10 students or fewer indoors and 25 students or fewer outdoors (this number will continue to be reevaluated).
  • Event Coordinators are formally trained RSO members who must be present at all RSO in-person events to ensure that they run smoothly and are in compliance with University policies and procedures.
  • All students must RSVP and check in and out of events using Hopkins Groups. Because spaces are limited, waitlists may be utilized in the event that a student can no longer attend.
  • Host RSOs and attendees must wear a face mask at all times during events or meetings, whether inside or outside. Students not adhering to this protocol will be asked to leave the event.


As the university continues to operate with limited functionalities, we must work together to reduce the risks of COVID-19 spread for our community’s safety and well-being. All Registered Student Organizations need to follow the event protocols below. Should the Student Leadership and Involvement office determine that an organization’s behavior violated these processes, the organization may lose space reservation privileges, be barred from hosting in-person gatherings (event or meeting), and/or be subject to other action(s) as determined by SLI. Repeated violations of these processes may result in the organization being referred to the office of Student Conduct for disciplinary action pursuant to the Student Conduct Code.

Participation in student clubs and organizations and other student and campus life activities should continue to focus on virtual engagement as much as possible and, when not virtual, are required to observe the physical distancing, face coverings, and good hygiene protocols adopted by the university. All meetings and events, whether in person or virtual, must comply with the Student Activities and Experiences guidelines outlined below.

Event Submissions

All events, meetings, and skill development sessions must be submitted as events through Hopkins Groups. Event requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by SLI staff to ensure feasibility based on JHU’s social distancing guidelines. As of now, RSOs must keep the indoor participant number to 10 or fewer, and the outdoor participant number to 25 or fewer. This number will be re-evaluated throughout the semester. Event registrations may change based on evolving circumstances and guidance at the university, city, or state level. Event requests must be submitted at least 10 business days before any in-person event.

If an event request is denied, RSOs, programming boards, and governing bodies may resubmit their requests after addressing any identified submission issues.

Event Coordinators

All RSOs will need to identify an “event coordinator” for their organization, who will be responsible for all necessary aspects of the execution of the event. RSOs will not be permitted to host any in-person events if they have not identified an event coordinator who will be present for the event to ensure that all safety protocols are being followed by the organization and attendees.


Host organizations must require attendees to RSVP in advance for all events, whether in person or virtual. Groups that do not utilize the RSVP function or event check-in function may lose the privilege to host future events. Host organizations and student attendees will have to acknowledge all “risks and liability” associated with participating in events on campus.

Attendees are required to check in and check out of all events either via QR code or within the Hopkins Groups app. Event coordinators will be responsible for ensuring the RSO is compliant with this process. Groups may utilize a waiting list for events. 

Additionally, all host RSOs and attendees must wear a face mask at all times while on campus and during events/meetings, whether inside or outside. Students not adhering to this protocol will be asked to leave the event.

Additional Restrictions

RSOs are not allowed to host events in off-campus venues. Serving food or alcohol during the 2021 spring semester is not allowed in order to ensure the health and safety of attendees.

We welcome your feedback on these communications! If you have general suggestions, recommendations for topics you’d like to see covered, or anything else, please email