Restoration of 403(b) employer contributions for July–December 2020

April 29, 2021

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Following up on the good news that the university is now able to restore its contributions to faculty and staff retirement accounts for the entire fiscal year 2021, I’m writing to let you know how the remaining contributions are being handled.

On March 31, you received the amounts due to you for January, February, and March 2021. And next month—on Friday, May 28—the university’s contributions for the previous months, July to December 2020, will be posted to your 403(b) account along with your normal contribution for the month.

All faculty and staff who are actively employed and in an eligible position as defined by the plan on May 3 will receive the contribution.

You will be able to view the contribution, starting on May 29, via myChoices Retirement. Once you are in myChoices Retirement, click on the History tab and then the Details tab to view your employer contributions and employee contributions, if applicable.

The decision that the university had made at the start of the pandemic to suspend its contributions was a difficult one, and we appreciate your understanding of the necessity at that time. This has been a difficult year for our entire community, and we are thankful that Johns Hopkins’ now-strengthened financial situation has allowed it to reinstate this important benefit.

Should you have any questions on the resumption of employer retirement contributions, please visit the Retirement Savings & Planning website or email


Heidi Conway
Vice President for Human Resources