Resuming employer retirement contributions

February 26, 2021

Dear Colleagues, 

As shared with you on Feb. 5, thanks to a combination of resourcefulness and several one-time occurrences, we have seen positive developments regarding Johns Hopkins’ financial situation, and are moving forward with plans to restore employer retirement contributions to faculty and staff on March 1, effective retroactively to Jan. 1, 2021.  

This resumption of employer retirement contributions applies to those in the JHU 403(b) Plan, JHU Income Deferral Plan for Residents, Interns and PostDocs and the 457(f) Deferred Compensation Plan. Employer contributions for January, February, and March 2021 will be made on March 31, and calculated on your base salary in the corresponding month. You must be actively employed with JHU on March 1, 2021 to receive the retroactive contribution.  

Should you wish to make any changes to your investment election for the January-March employer contributions, you may do so between March 9 and March 19 via myChoices Retirement

For questions on the resumption of employer retirement contributions, please visit the Retirement Savings & Planning website or email

The university is grateful for your continued commitment and resilience during these unusual and challenging times.   


Heidi Conway 
Vice President, Human Resources