Advisory Groups

Student Advisory Committee

The JHU 2020 Planning Student Advisory Committee—20 graduate and undergraduate students representing all nine JHU academic divisions—provides critical input and guidance as Johns Hopkins maps out a multiphased resumption of suspended in-person educational, clinical, research, and other activities, ensuring that student voices and perspectives inform the process.

University Pandemic Academic Advisory Committee

The University Pandemic Academic Advisory Committee (UPAAC) is a cross-divisional academic leadership group that works collaboratively with the president and provost, lending critical faculty perspectives to urgent discussions about how to safely and effectively pursue the university’s educational, research, and clinical missions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The committee supplements the ongoing work of faculty in the JHU 2020 Planning workgroups, ensuring that all divisions’ unique faculty needs and concerns are considered.

Health Advisory Group

Composed of leading subject matter experts from the Johns Hopkins University faculty, the Health Advisory Group provides guidance to university leadership regarding factors and metrics that should be used to make determinations about the university’s phased reopening. The group provides expert feedback on all aspects of the reopening process and serves as an independent body in a consultative role to university leadership.