Events of fewer than 50 people are permitted, both indoors and outside. Larger events (50 or more people), either indoors and outside, and all events of any size at which food is provided must be approved by both divisional leadership (such as the divisional business officer or director of operations or events) and by submitting a request to the appropriate party.

  • If you are scheduling through Homewood Scheduling & Events, please refer to guidelines posted on the Student Affairs website for more detailed information.
  • If you are requesting an event at a location other than the Homewood campus, or if you are requesting a space that is not reserved through Homewood Scheduling & Events, you should submit a request to the for approval after receiving approval from your divisional leadership.
  • All registered student organizations on the Homewood campus planning events should submit their event request through Hopkins Groups or reach out to the Leadership, Engagement & Experiential Development Office for questions or additional guidance.
  • Events or meetings hosted by external or third-party groups on JHU campuses or in university spaces are not permitted at this time.

Food at on-campus events

As noted in an Aug. 12 message to the Hopkins community, university-sponsored events on campus may provide only prepackaged, grab-and-go food to be taken away to eat outdoors or in physically distanced areas indoors. Sit-down meals, buffets, and platters at these events are suspended. These guidelines also apply to off-campus events anywhere in Maryland and D.C.; local and venue rules apply in other areas.

It is important to note the “go” in grab-and-go; attendees must disperse from the event when given the grab-and-go food, and not immediately open and eat in a dense setting where individuals cannot easily maintain a 6-foot distance. Drinks that can be consumed with momentary unmasking are still allowed during events.

Because some prepackaged foods do not lend themselves to grab-and-go with true dispersal, such as ice cream treats, these types of highly perishable foods are no longer permitted to be used for grab-and-go.

Additionally, events with a primary purpose focused on eating or drinking, such as traditional picnics or cocktail receptions, are not permitted. This includes university-sponsored meals at restaurants and private homes off-site (such as at a faculty member’s or department chair’s home).

University business meals held off-campus in Maryland and Washington, D.C., are suspended until further notice.

Guidance for Hopkins Medicine

Outdoor gatherings can have no more than 50 attendees at any JHM locations. Individuals or groups who wish to exceed this limit, including for institution-sponsored social events on or off campus, must seek permission for an exception from Dean/CEO Paul Rothman for School of Medicine requests and JHHS President Kevin Sowers for health system requests. Masks may be required for certain outdoor events, based on event details including location. Food can be provided only on a grab-and-go basis at the end of the event.