Some restrictions on events remain in place as the university continues to navigate health and safety concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The table below contains information about whether a university-sponsored event needs special permission. If you answer YES to any of the questions in the table, permission is required. Instructions for how to obtain permission can be found below the table.

Does the event require permission?

Event typeIndoorOutdoor
Fewer than 50 peopleNoNo
More than 50 peopleYesYes
Children under age 18 are involvedYesYes
Hosted by an external organizationYesYes

Guidelines for events requiring permission

  • If you are scheduling through Homewood Scheduling & Events, please refer to guidelines posted on the Student Affairs website for more detailed information.
  • If you are requesting an event at a location other than the Homewood campus, or if you are requesting a space that is not reserved through Homewood Scheduling & Events, please submit event details (date, group size, location, indoor or outdoor, food plans, room capacity if applicable) to for approval after receiving approval from your divisional leadership.
  • All registered student organizations on the Homewood campus planning events should submit their event request through Hopkins Groups or reach out to the Leadership, Engagement & Experiential Development Office for questions or additional guidance.

Additional reminders for event planning

The university’s COVID-related guidelines also apply to off-campus events anywhere in Maryland and D.C.; local and venue rules apply in other areas.

Masks are required indoors at all times—the university requires masks be N95s, KN95s, KF94s, or a combination of a cloth mask with a surgical mask. This includes speakers and guests who are delivering remarks, even when on stage or at a distance. Please remind all guests involved in events to remain masked when indoors, except when eating in a distanced fashion.

Events or meetings using JHU property hosted by external or third-party groups are permitted as of Nov. 1, 2021.  These events must adhere to the guidelines listed above.  

Food at on-campus events

As of Oct. 26, food and drink are permitted at outdoor events. This means events at which food and drink is the primary purpose—such as picnics and cocktail receptions—are allowed outside, subject to size restrictions.

All food and drinks—including grab-and-go or snacks of any kind—are prohibited at indoor events on campus until at least Feb. 7.

Business meals

Faculty and staff are permitted to hold (and be reimbursed for) business meals. Business meals are small meetings of four or fewer people, conducted over a meal, and can be on-site or off. They do not require an approval. If on-site and indoors, individuals should be seated 6 feet apart when unmasked and consuming meals.

Commencement information

Students participating in on-campus commencement ceremonies and events must comply with the JHU vaccination mandate and must have received either an FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccination or an approved medical or religious exception prior to coming on-campus, even if they were fully “online” students during their course of study.

Family members and other non-affiliates attending commencement events fall under the JHU guest policy and are therefore not subject to the vaccination mandate, but they must adhere to all masking regulations at the time of the event. The registrars are working on a policy that separates out provision of diplomas from the graduation ceremony.   

Guidance for Hopkins Medicine

Refer to the latest guidance on the Inside Hopkins Medicine website.