Updated return to campus health info for undergrads

Dear Students,

This message contains additional information related to the Return to Campus Health Info for Hopkins Undergrads shared on December 23, 2020 as it relates to COVID testing requirements.

We are thrilled to welcome students back to campus this spring. As stated in the recent university announcement,  classes will begin as scheduled on January 25. Move-in and orientation for undergraduates living in Homewood residence halls will begin on January 16 as planned.  However, any in-person classes and activities (with the exception of first year Orientation programming) will remain online until February 1 so that we can ensure that students are able to meet appropriate COVID testing requirements before taking part in on-campus instruction or other activities. Please refer to the Spring Term Announcement for academic calendaring, academic programming, and other important details.

All undergraduate students, living on and off-campus, must receive two negative test results through the JHU testing program prior to attending any in-person classes or activities. These tests should occur two days apart (e.g. Monday and Wednesday or Thursday and Saturday). We encourage our off-campus students to arrive in Baltimore early so they have plenty of time to meet the requirement of two negative tests, at least 48 hours apart, before taking part in on-campus instruction or activities beginning Feb. 1. Please note test results take approximately 24 hours to receive.

Testing site locations and schedules, as well as other helpful COVID testing related information can be found here: https://covidinfo.jhu.edu/diagnostic-testing/#faq

Information for students living off campus

Asymptomatic testing is available at select Homewood sites starting Jan 11th. If you are already living in the Baltimore area, twice a week testing is strongly encouraged starting the week of January 18th.  However, to protect you and the community we hope you will begin your twice weekly testing as soon as it is available. 

Students who are returning to the area later this month are still strongly encouraged to obtain a COVID test 72 hours prior to their arrival in Baltimore, and to begin the twice weekly COVID testing immediately upon arrival. 

Information for residential students 

Initial testing schedules for residential students living on-campus will be determined by your specific move-in date. Your first test will be administered during move-in. Residential students must quarantine in their assigned housing until the first negative result is received with the exception of picking up meals.  You will need to schedule your second test through MyChart 48 hours after your initial test during move-in.

If you have previously obtained a positive PCR or NAAT test for COVID and it has been greater than 90 days since your diagnosis, you will be required to participate in mandatory twice weekly testing. Those who have tested positive for COVID within the last 90 days will be exempt from weekly testing for 90 days from the initial date of diagnosis. Antigen and antibody tests are not currently accepted in support of the 90-day testing exemption period. If you obtained a positive COVID test outside of the JHU system and are still within the 90-day exemption period, please submit your name, date of birth, date that test was performed, and documentation of the result to the Student Health and Wellness Center: healthforms@jhu.edu

Scheduling COVID Testing Appointments

We have set up the Johns Hopkins Medicine Epic medical record system to support test scheduling, processing and results reporting. Epic’s patient portal for these functions is called MyChart, and it is fully functional on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.  You must have an active MyChart account to schedule COVID-19 asymptomatic tests and to retrieve your test results. 

You should have received an email yesterday with instructions on how to establish an account in MyChart. In order to schedule an appointment, simply log into your MyChart account and click on the appointment scheduling action item. Please refer to the MyChart Tip Sheet for step-by-step visuals.

If you have any questions or concerns about your MyChart account, please contact the Epic Helpdesk at 888-676-3433. 

We are excited to see you very soon, and we anxiously await a campus environment reinvigorated by your curiosity and enthusiasm. For those of you electing to continue your studies virtually, we also look forward to engaging and supporting you.  We hope this email and other university communications will help you plan a safe and healthy return to Baltimore. If you have any questions about the university’s return-to-campus plans, please reach out to us at wellness@jhu.edu.

You are invited to join us for a virtual Town Hall this Sunday, January 10, at 7 pm EST. We will have university staff available to respond to questions on topics ranging from housing and dining, financial aid and student life, and recreation and international students. Representatives from public health, Krieger and Whiting Deans offices, and health and wellness will be panelists. You may submit questions in advance to covidtownhall@jhu.edu and view the livestream here.

Wishing you a happy new year,

Alanna W. Shanahan
Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Kevin G. Shollenberger
Vice Provost for Student Health and Well-Being